The domain colonydrop.com and all associated contents have been sold to very good friends of ours who we are assured have your best interests in mind. Farewell forever from the old Colony Drop Staff (I will personally be starting a solo project I’ve had my eyes on for a long time, a friendly, informal review blog of local hookers here in Amsterdam) and please welcome your new editor in chief, Mr. Hanamura.

“Sparking!” Such a word like it gave a great explosion that many years ago! Let’s make for one more time!!

I am fond of The Colony Drop web blog. The foreign young man casts all its anger in preservation of Japanese honor. Such a spirit of youth… it’s envious!

Colony Drop webs is reborn once again awakened as Shin Colony Drop Kaihatsu.

As for main purpose of the website, it remains “we can’t allow the anime to be destroyed”. However, our “Hanamura-kai” contains some of the sure-kill best features for saving the animation.

New model! “The Host Club of Freedom From Gravity” to catch your heart!!

Shin Colony Drop, still to feature the handsome young men. To think of it, envision the shining smile that “lifts the soul from ground”, as “Mr. Gundam” Aznable once said. All kinds of a young man (foreigner, Japan, spike hair, not spike type) are at your service every hour with a “web camera” technology.

Rate is 300 yen per minute, plus purchase of drinks for host.

Old favorite anime reading? It still remains!!

Old article to be available at 100 yen per reading, 50 yen for Tamashii Platinum Member.

Proceeds to Shin Colony Drop Anime Committee Fund!!

“Let’s do it together” and “handshake” were the words that Hanamura-kai had for Colony Drop’s passioned young men. “We can’t allow the anime to be destroyed:” it was a word in Hanamura-kai’s hearts as well. The oath was born to produce a magnificent Japanese animation.

Original Video Animation “Battle Flash Blaster” is planning!!

Original Creator is “Colony Drop Staff!” OVA coming features

“this guy who just doesn’t give a damn,”
“chou-baller powersuits,”
“ass-kicking like all day”
と “it’s fuckin’ gonna own”.

Hit “Fund Bonus Level” to increase production quality of an animation!!

More success for Shin Colony Drop Kaihatsu makes more success for Colony Drop Anime! Danny Choo? Ha-ha, who is this?!

  • Level 1: Animation by Kyoto Animation, full cast replaced with middle-school girl only
  • Level 2: Animation by Gonzo
  • Level 3: Animation by Madhouse American Superhero Anime Team
  • Level 4: Animation by Sunrise, all staff replaced with “GUNPLA” model kit in second season
  • Level 5: Animation by Real Madhouse, maybe become “art” film
  • Level 6: Animation all frames drawn by Satoshi Urushihara (addition a coupling scene in power suit)

Funding amounts are hi-mi-tsu!

Enjoy new Shin Colony Drop Kaihatsu. For boys, for funds, for fun!

Bonus content arrival!

Early working script “BATTTLE FLASH BLASTER” appears!!


  1. It should be noted that Level 0 means I’m animating, and drafting Wildarmsheero as an intern. And you *really* don’t want that.

  2. I suddenly want this Colony Drop animes, but only if it’s done completely in MS Paint.

  3. Satoshi Urushihara?
    Well at least the boobs will be drawn well. ^___^

  4. “All kinds of a young man (foreigner, Japan, spike hair, not spike type) are at your service every hour with a “web camera” technology.”

    Where do I sign up for some personal time with “Mr. Gundam” Aznable?

  5. Man, Battle Flash Blaster would be the best cartoon in the history of moving pictures, based on that script sample.

    Even if it was the all-schoolgirl Kyoto Animation version, ESPECIALLY if Wakamoto is cast as Kawaii Blastaa-chan.

    It’s just THAT awesome.

    And we’ll NEVER SEE IT. Damn you for dangling that carrot and then yanking it away!
    I have never hated 4/1 more than I have this year.

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