These Are The Cons We’re Dropping On This Year

Esteemed members of the Colony Drop staff will be attending a number of conventions this season, namely Fanime in San Jose, Anime Expo in Los Angeles and Otakon on the set of The Wire. Keep an eye out for the handsome dudes in pink, and feel free to come up to us and tell us how awesome we are.

If you’re planning on attending Fanime next weekend and feel like joining the West Coast Colony Drop crew for dinner on Saturday, get in touch.


  1. Dropping Gentlemen! Would you like to write some con coverage for Otaku USA? Contact me off-site. -P.

  2. Sadly, I didn’t catch sight of any dashing men in pink, but I did find the flyer, and I must say I more than approve. Nothing else would really be Colony Drop.

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