The Last American Fanzine: ON SALE

Just a quick note for you slackers who have yet to pick up THE BEST fucking anime fanzine (likely the only anime fanzine) you’ll read this year, MagCloud is currently running a sale until the end of the month. That perfectly pink periodical can be yours for the low, low price of $7.80 (plus shipping).



  1. Shipping to anywhere outside the US is still twice as expensive than the mag itself, look for a non-retarded print-on-demand service please…

  2. If you can find us a print-on-demand service offering magazine printing with the same quality and ease of use as MagCloud, I’d be more than willing to take a look.

  3. Better yet- why not offer a digital version?

  4. As an old fart, I don’t want a digital version. I like my physical media and will (and indeed have) paid for it.

    Though, if you really are going for a fanzine, a stapled xerox also works for me.

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