Know Yo’ Roots: 1984’s Hentai Classic ‘Lolita Anime’

The early 1984 release of Lolita Anime ushered in the era of the hentai anime with a pained underage whimper. Not just opening the door for the likes of tentacles and aliens with hard-ons, the adroitly named Lolita Anime is also an ancestor of anime’s great shame: moé. As the creepy fandom it helped create overruns anime in almost every potential form, Lolita Anime has been largely forgotten as a strange footnote in anime history. As poorly animated as you’d expect but not nearly as pornographic as some might hope, it provides an unusual glimpse into an earlier era of anime culture- assuming you can stomach it.

I’ve attempted to make the following article respectable, but it’s still a blog post about a 24 year-old pornographic cartoon. You might not want to read this at work, or really, anywhere.

It’s hard to convey the self-loathing and shame I felt while scouring the Internet for episodes of this pioneering pedophillic anime. Even as I reminded myself it was for research, I was struggling to understand how creepy weirdos could deal with this crap on a regular basis and not feel inordinate amounts of shame. Consisting of six episodes released between 1984 and 1985, I was unable to track down the first and last episodes of this masterpiece of cartoon sex. As the last episode is just a clip show anyways and I’ve already sat through nearly two hours of this crap, I think I’m qualified to tell you how awful it is even if I haven’t seen the entire thing.

The best place to start might be the plot lines, which range from painfully cliché (although in the context of the time we might be witnessing the birth of certain hentai tropes, but who knows and who cares?) to absolutely bizarre. While each episode contains unrelated stories featuring (usually) unrelated characters, the common link is that they’re all crap and they all feature adults having sex with children.

As the second episode begins, you might be fooled into thinking it was a typical high school drama anime. Some girl on the high school tennis team has the hots for the tennis team’s captain and engineers a plot to spend some time with him by leaving her commuter pass under his couch during a team party at his house. On her way home she excuses herself from her friends to go back and retrieve it, but her plans are interrupted by a creepy old dude who decides to rape her in a playground.

Saved by the tennis captain, she goes back to his house to clean up. In true hentai logic she then proceeds to have sex with him, as apparently getting raped just isn’t that big of deal. Just in case the crudely drawn animation of them boning wasn’t enough to turn you off, the animators decided to throw in a whole bunch of imagery relating to her losing her virginity. While I’m no expert in hentai anime, I’d be curious to learn if the “girl holding a giant porksword that explodes into blood” motif used here found its way into other hentai videos. The story ends with them continuing to screw against the backdrop of a tropical island as red waves crash crash across the background.

Amazingly, it’s all over in 13 minutes. But just as you might breathe a sigh of relief you realize this episode actually contains two separate stories, the second of which revolves around a girl at a European boarding school who is caught dry humping a statue by her teacher and then proceeds to snog him instead. Later she has a couple of lesbian experiences with her new roommate and has sex with the school’s principal (a priest) just to make for some embarrassing photos.

As if the bizarre imagery used during the sex scenes wasn’t enough, the character designs look like pseudo-anime abortions that remind me a lot of those bible cartoons from the same era.

The rest of the episodes follow a similar format of a young girl in a questionable situation and the terribly drawn coitus that follows. The third episode looks a lot like your typical low budget 80’s sci-fi anime, complete with poorly drawn cameos of Lum and Lynn Minmay and a main character who could have fit in among the cast of Project A-Ko. It’s about a guy who falls into a toilet and finds himself in an inter-galactic disco where he’s told he can have sex with any woman he sees. He promptly chooses the youngest looking one and has sex with her in a variety of situations on some kind of futuristic holodeck for bumping uglies. There’s a slightly amusing scene where our naked hero uses a light saber attached to his “banana” to fight the young girl who finally gets around to resisting his strange sexual fantasies, but it’s still mostly poorly drawn hanky panky (this time devoid of nipples or any genitalia) often against a background of the night sky. There’s also a “music video” at the end featuring the Project A-Ko reject surfing and hanging out on the beach, but it’s just a bunch of still images set to terrible 80’s anime synth. Surprisingly it’s completely devoid of any explicit nudity, which makes its inclusion all the more bizarre.

The real shame here is that Lolita Anime isn’t so-bad-it’s-funny, it’s so-bad-it’s-fucking-awful. As hilarious as dry humping classic Greek statues and shagging in holodecks might be, the problem is that these brief moments of unintentional humor are surrounded by way too much cartoon intercourse with children. This unfortunate fact means that as much as you laugh at the absolutely terrible parts, you’re still going to be left feeling disgusted. That why you’ll never see this garbage at any convention panel showing the “Worst Anime Ever,” even though Lolita Anime might in fact be one of the worst anime series ever.

I’m going to talk about one more episode and then end this, because at some point in the future somebody might Google my name and I’d rather have to explain a one page article about sex cartoons instead of a two or three page article.

Episode five features the same Project A-Ko reject and a surfing theme apparently taken from the music video at the end of episode three. Things start out right with her getting a beef injection from some creepy dude who is very obviously way older than she is. But this creepy dude can’t be all bad as he’s helping some kid learn how to surf, although a little while later A-Ko reject nails the kid too. Fitting with the surfing theme there’s even a joke about the kid “wiping out,” because nothing spells comedy like premature ejaculation jokes.

At some point she’s rubbing bacon with the old dude again and he turns into some sort of energy-demon while the background changes to the stock anime “alternate dimension” design. A-ko reject remains unfazed and the terrible cartoon boot knocking continues. A little while later she plays hide the sausage with a little black kid who is not only drawn in that super-offensive anime blackface style, but according to my precise aging techniques is well under 10 years old. As if all these dudes porking a little girl weren’t enough, you’ve got to thrown in a 6-year old kid with blackface. Thanks, Japan! Oh yeah, and creepy dude takes his surfing protege for a ride in his car and puts the moves on him. The episode wraps up with creepy dude turning into energy and taking A-ko reject with him into his alternative dimension or whatever, leaving the surfing kid to wonder where they went.

In the end all I can say is, don’t watch Lolita Anime. You will hate yourself for wasting the time spent downloading it and watching it, and unless you’re a completely twisted sicko you’ll probably feel just as ashamed as I did. As a hentai anime it’s old and completely unarousing. As a normal anime it’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen. As a cartoon with children doing the nasty it’s revolting and upsetting, and I’ve been around anime fandom long enough to not usually be totally disgusted by this kind of stuff (because Japan is so crazy) but yeah, this is pretty bad.


  1. Certain episodes of Cream Lemon, the other early 1980s porn OAV series, are redeemed by virtue of being disturbingly well animated for the time; episodes like Pop Chaser, a Project A-Ko prototype, in particular.

    It looks like Lolita Anime has no such preoccupations.

  2. This is the first hentai series I think it should get more credit.

  3. See, reading this just makes me want to watch the series. Also: I don’t really understand why writer is so creeped out by the lolis, didn’t the title kind of prepare you for it? Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any anime where a black guy gets some so this is racial progress.

  4. I’m just glad that stuff like this still manages to disturb me.

  5. And here I thought for a second that somebody had animated the Nabakov novel, World Masterpiece Theater style.

  6. LOL.

    Why watch something you don’t even like?

    I’m an otaku though I’ve never seen any hentai yet, not this one either, but I have nothing against lolicon or anything.

    Though, this anime is probably too old for me.

    I don’t really get if you’re an otaku hater or not since I kind of got the feeling that you have seen other animes too, but..BUT I DON’T LIKE THAT YOU CALL MOE ANIME’S GREAT “SHAME”! MOE FTW!


    /17-year old japanophile and otaku from Sweden

  7. Reading this made me happy because it is so nice to see normal people on the Internet.

    Thank you, sane person. Thank you for representing the normal world.

  8. As a 腐女子 (Fujoshi)

    I feel that there should be certain limit and boundary that should be placed even if its a hentai anime.

    I’m not saying Lolicon is bad,
    but judging by the situation that the protagonist is placed in Lolita Anime; the storyline, plot sequence and all.

    The over-all “feel” and satisfaction in watching Hentai disappears as it destroys every human, moral value in existence.

    But I guess as the saying goes;
    to each his own I suppose.

  9. Hentai is awesome, the characters are COMPLETELY FICTIONAL, so I feel NOT GUILT AT ALL watching this or any other hentai. You are clearly a moralfag if you say you are ashamed of watching it. In fact now that I know its a series, I fully intend to find the other episodes and watch them. I’ve already seen episode 2. Any time there’s have some hot teen anime chicks getting some, I’m gonna watch it. The only thing that’s kind of ridiculous is that they put so much emphasis on the loss of that chick’s virginity that I was kind of disturbed because it reminded me of that stupid cherry popping fetish that plagues some hentais including this one apparently. Though in actuality most teen girls probably tend to be sluttier and probably would’t just wait to lose their virginity with the one they love, but would do it with anyone they could get to bang them. So by the time they did it with their boyfriend in real life they likely had already lost their virginity. Of course she phyiologically lost her virginity when she did that guy, she lost it in concept (the concept of virginity being when one performs a sex act) when she masturbated to orgasm earlier in the anime. So the tennis dude was NOT the first person she did. She HERSELF was the first person she did.

  10. DaHentaiGuy’s moral compass needs a sound ramming. With a cock.

  11. God this Anime is so fricken disturbing… Its entertaining to watch. Because its so messed up like 1,000 Ways to die. However, I don’t want to fricken watch it again.

  12. Lolita Anime is pretty bad, but I still manage to enjoy it. The only episode I saw was Surf Dreaming with Miu. I like Miu for some odd reason.

    Yes, in comparison to Cream Lemon it’s fucking awful. However, I’ve seen worse compared to this.

    Overall: so bad to the point it’s good, and this is it.

  13. WHERE CAN I WATCH THIS SERIES? I’ve been looking all over the web, cant find it lol.

  14. I see no shame of enjoying lolicon as it is true erotic art form that was perfected in Japan and gave rise to whole moé genre.

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