Welcome to Area ’88

Way back when we were discussing what to do for our 2008 retrospective post, Matt suggested we do a comparison between anime of 1988, 1998 and 2008. An otherwise excellent suggestion save for the fact a quick look at the titles released in 1988 showed us that ’88 would kick any other year’s ass to the curb when it comes to fantastic Japanese cartoons.

Gunbuster, My Neighbor Totoro, Patlabor, Char’s Counterattack, Grave of the Fireflies, Legend of Galactic Heroes and a little movie called Akira make up but some of the outrageously great anime titles released in the fine year of 1988. Apparently it was the year God descended upon the animators of Japan and compelled them to churn out kick-ass cartoons with an intensity and concentration we haven’t seen since. The Colony Drop crew decided such a year deserved its own feature; more than a simple post, but a multi-post project looking at some of the best titles released in this incredible year. This project was dubbed: Area ’88.

In our continuing effort to educate anime fans about anime that was released while their fathers were snorting lines of cocaine off the pregnant bellies of their wives during commercial breaks of Miami Vice, every two days over the next two weeks we’ll be posting reviews of some of 1988’s best anime titles. It’s also our first year anniversary, so we figured that we should do something nice.

Check back tomorrow for the first installment.


  1. I was all gearing up to chip in with “but I just reviewed Area 88 the other day!” until I realized that ditty was from three years ago.

    That was back when I was editing my 45+ minute diatribes down to 15 minutes due to my concern about not boring people. Those days are long, long gone.

  2. Curses, I can’t edit my posts. Now I have to double post like a jerk to say “granted, I understand that you’re not actually going to be posting about Area 88 itself, but at least the truly important things will get their time in the sun once more.”

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