Colony Drop at Otakon Vegas 2014
by Matt - December 31 2013

Colony Drop is limping into the new year and reminding everyone we’re still alive with a few panels at Otakon Vegas, so why not huddle around in a hotel devoted to 90s Hollywood films and listen to us rant on the following topics?

Friday, January 3rd

Anime Journalism: 6:30 - 7:45pm - Panel Room 3
The Top 10 OAVs of All Time: 7:45 - 9:00pm - Panel Room 3

Saturday, January 4th

The Top 10 Anime You’ve Never Heard Of: 3 - 4:15pm - Panel Room 1

So come say hi, cross your arms and grumble “I’ve heard of all these” and let us crash your room parties. Thanks!


Comment from: Crona Aukerman [Visitor] ·

Would you guys ever be interested in reviewing an Anime/Nerd Punk album? I’ve been checking out your site and appreciate that you guys actually have a good zine and a sense of humor. I know it’s a bit outside your scope, but I figure you might appreciate some of it.

Sorry for the unrelated comment, but the message forms seem to all be broken :c

01/29/14 @ 19:02

Comment from: Mariballs [Visitor]

Mind sharing with us the 10 on each list?

02/17/14 @ 16:32

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