Colony Drop in Russia
by Colony Drop Staff - March 3 2012


Comment from: ZeonicFreak [Visitor] ·

“In former Soviet Russia, Colony Drop reads you!”

Ah… that was too easy to do.

03/03/12 @ 19:41

Comment from: Mushyrulez [Visitor] ·

You sure are RUSSIN’ to go to RUSSIA

03/04/12 @ 12:32

Comment from: v [Visitor] ·

in soviet russia, colony drops you

03/05/12 @ 03:56

Comment from: dave merrill [Visitor] ·

And here I was under the impression that in Russia Colony Drop holds YOU!

03/08/12 @ 18:28

Comment from: Steve Harrison [Visitor] ·

Oh, I guess someone IS going to comment. Because all I got is:

“In Russia, Colony drops YOU!!”

03/08/12 @ 20:28

Comment from: CMR [Visitor]

In soviet russia anime watches you.

03/11/12 @ 09:50

Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

look! its cd in frunt of the kremlin!

03/21/12 @ 01:18

Comment from: RDW [Visitor]

Anon, that’s not the Kremlin…

04/04/12 @ 07:57

Comment from: CaptainJistuce [Visitor]

RDW, that’s just what they WANT you to think.

05/16/12 @ 20:15

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