Article Proposals for 'Zine #2
by Colony Drop Staff - September 17 2011

Planning is slowly beginning for the second issue of our fanzine, and as such we’re accepting proposals for articles. If you’d like to contribute, send us a proposal (~1 paragraph) and some links to your writing. Our email address is colonydrop.staff at Google’s email service. Proposals are due by October 31st, 2011.

Actual content for this website will be coming soon.


Comment from: StatisticalAnomaly [Visitor]

It’s god to see that planning for the next issue is going along at a quicker pace than it was before.

09/17/11 @ 15:52

Comment from: Alexa [Visitor] ·

Do you accept art submissions/proposals as well?

09/17/11 @ 16:00

Comment from: staff [Member]

Alex, I’ll be making a similar post for artists sometime in the next month or two. Go ahead and email me at the above address and I’ll include you in the list.

09/17/11 @ 16:14

Comment from: ZeonicFreak [Visitor] ·

Cool, ill have to write something awesome for the next zine. Well, cant lolly gag on that for now…

09/17/11 @ 17:01

How about artwork, or fanart?

10/13/11 @ 18:21

Comment from: SJV [Visitor]

I just read the Bubblegum Crash story and thought maybe next time an article on or if bad merchandise ruins it’s anime source material would be good. If that angle doesn’t work try the very act of merchandising a title, like for example the perceived “pimping” of Evangelion by gainax and multiple special editions by ADV, cheapening the source material. Or if that’s to research heavy just make a list of the strangest Japanimation merch you can dig up. I’m thinking Mickey Mouse vibrators, Overfiend based trading card games or perhaps a nice Astroboy themed mellon baller.

11/16/11 @ 15:27

Comment from: SJV [Visitor]

How about an article that summerizes one of your convention presentations.

02/01/12 @ 17:46

Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor] reminded me, howzabout Oshii’s Avalon? If not for the zine, maybe you could cover it in something for somewhere else on the site.

I mean, “Injections of anti-venoms such as Polandolux and Brazilium have thus far been ineffective.” AVALON IS A DOSE OF POLANDOLUX DIRECTED BY AN ANIME DIRECTOR. How awesome is that? :D

02/05/12 @ 18:14

Comment from: SJV [Visitor]

While we’re talking about Oshii could you review Ghost in the Shell 2.0 and tell your readers if it’s any good or a cash-in. Better yet, how about an article with a “George Lucas meter” on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 and it would rate recent releases like GitS 2.0 and the new Evas on how much (or little if we can be positive) they ruined (or improved, fingers crossed) the originals.

02/09/12 @ 11:23

Comment from: SJV [Visitor]

How about an all staff discussion on which is creepier: Moe anime or dead-eyed motion capture films. Better yet an article that discusses or showcases CGI films made in Japan.

02/28/12 @ 12:15

Comment from: ZeonicFreak [Visitor] ·

I’m curious if you guys ever got that document that I sent yea like 4 months ago, which I just sent it to have you guys proof read the thing.

03/03/12 @ 19:58

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