2011 is 1991: Colony Drop ‘Zine Officially Released: Colony Drop Presents: The Last American Fanzine

Nearly two years in the making, our fanzine is finally finished. This ain’t no joke and we ain’t trollin’, you can now purchase honest-to-God exclusive Colony Drop content in pulped-tree form.

We’re printing it via the print-on-demand website MagCloud, which means that thanks to the power of Japanese technology (perhaps you underestimated it?), your copy is printed after you order it, and they’ll ship it right to your parent’s basement. That means we didn’t have to worry about figuring out how many to print and putting up a bunch of money ahead of time. Sure, it’s not quite as fun, but damned if it isn’t a whole lot easier.

The print quality is quite nice, the pages are glossy and there’s a full color (pink) cover! All of the articles included are exclusive to the ‘zine, these aren’t posts that have already shown up on the site.

Contents Include:
A hate letter to a 20-year old anime-based video game, by Dave (who has at times been known as the Badass Manly Anime Reviewer).
An article about the most hated man in anime, by Matt.
An article containing more information about U.S. anime fanzines than you probably cared to know, by Dave Merrill.
A brief history of anime fandom in the U.K., by Tim Maughan.
A short novella that might result in a lawsuit from AnimEigo, by Mark.
Plus a whole bunch of (original!) art.

All of this can be yours for $10 + shipping, and MagCloud can ship just about anywhere in the world. Purchase your copy right here.

Two more things:
No, the contents of this ‘zine will only be available in print. These articles won’t be showing up on the website.

Yes, we will probably do another issue. Given that we’ve now figured out the process, it should take considerably less than two years for the next issue.



The long-awaited Colony Drop ‘zine is finally here.Bask in glory of fine words printed about anime on paper, like they used to do before you were born!Contents Include:A hate letter to a 20-year old anime video game.An article about the most hated man in anime.An article containing more in…

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  1. Order is in, and now to wait about a week to get it.

    I see “Fanzine” and some Knight Sabers in it, and that is all I need to know to buy this without any rational thought being put into it. It would be irrational if I did not.

  2. Cool. Should be placing my order soon, articles sound like fun, can’t wait.

  3. International shipping is kinda pricey. Lazy printers. I guess I’ll order in bulk 😐

  4. I was about to purchase it, but then I read your “about” page where you slam anime blogs and sites.

  5. Will it be too much to ask for a digital version? A PDF in the same MagCloud site or something? I ask because the shipping to my country is too expensive for me, and I’m eager to give you my money, but not to the post office.

  6. Placed my order. Most anime magazines go away, I hope this one sticks around. Looking forward to checking out what Colony Drop has to offer ^_^

  7. Ordered. Busy wondering who CD might consider the most hated man in anime and whether the shortlist was in single or double figures.

  8. Hyper groovie!

    Maybe if I can knock my thoughts into some semblance of order I’ll submit something about how everything old is new again and anime (in America) is moving back to the place it was before Andy Frain and Manga Ent. did the game changer of lower prices that appealed to mass retailers…

  9. Wow, I had that program guide…don’t remember the Baycon logo on it though.

  10. >I see “Fanzine” and some Knight Sabers in it, and that is all I need to know to buy this without any rational thought being put into it. It would be irrational if I did not.

    Same, I’m in.

  11. Really like the look of this and have just ordered myself a copy. I’m sure I can wait the 2 weeks and a bit it’ll take to reach me in the UK.

    Been after something that critiques anime to the same degree that decent games and films journalism manages. I hope this does that job and looking around the site it looks like it will.

  12. Zeta Plus C1 crotch on your magazine’s cover definitely makes it look more sophisticated.

  13. Hey, since the cover of the ‘Zine is Pink then I am BUYING IT!!! Will be placing my order soon…..maybe eventually.

    Hey, maybe for the next issue you should have an awesome Pink M.D. Geist Cover XD

  14. Looking at the art & layout of that Knight Sabers spread took me back to my “Anime UK” days. Who’s the artist? He could be channelling Steve Kyte in his screentone period – and I can pay no higher tribute. Can’t wait to see it.

  15. Helen, the artist who did that piece was Marc McKenzie, and his art looks absolutely phenomenal.

    Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the black, white & pink layout didn’t owe something to the early days of Anime UK.

  16. @Helen: Helen, thank you so much for the kind words. As an avid reader of ANIME UK (well, on the occasions when I could get it over here in the US), I was always blown away by Steve’s artwork, both his color work and his black and white work.

  17. I miss Anime UK as well, it was always a clean and well produced magazine. Of course I knew of Steve’s work from earlier, when he did stuff for S.I.G. and his talent and ability has only grown.

    We don’t hear much from the British anime world anymore it seems. I’m not sure if Manga U.K. has undergone the hiccups and stutters of the American arm (having been sold off at least 3 times that I can recall), if the ADV England office still exists, blah blah.

    And I miss V-Max magazine as well, another mag that was surprisingly clean.

  18. Wait I do have an issue of V-Max, and I only bought it since it had the girls from the Sol Bianca OVA on the cover, and Sol Bianca is one of my personal favorite animes. Ill have to do a cover on that magazine on my blog sometime in the future.

  19. > Mushyrulez

    Entirely separate. All of the text in the ‘zine was written explicitly for the ‘zine. Unless you count the first two chapters of The Road Buster, which we put on the site years ago.

  20. Just ordered my copy of this ‘Zine- what a great way to bring Colony Drop back to the late 80’s outstanding! Quick Question, Id like to volunteer to do a piece of art for CD Zine #2- everything that Marc McKenzie did is awesome, and I’m fired up to create and produce- if anyone is reading this, hit me up, I’d love to be part of it.

  21. Got my copies (ordered 2) yesterday. Love the whole thing. Thought the ‘Votoms Viewers Guide’ ad was a nice touch. I still have that!

    Also loved the part in Dave’s article on fanzines where he describes the assembly process. 😉

    If there is to be a second issue I would love to help.


  22. Guys, don’t go spamming the site. It seems like an interesting project.

  23. moot、do we not give you enough money?

  24. HAHAHAHA fucking weeaboos xD da fuck is a fanzine?
    sayonara you fucking disgusting nerd fuckers

  25. “If I tell these guys to fuck off, I’ll be as cool as the rest of the guys on /a/!”

    Such is the life of anon.

  26. It’s not being targeted, it’s just that a few dumbfucks think it’s cool to shit on anything for no reason. Really, most of those at 4chan either don’t care or are genuinely interested in this.

  27. advertising some pretentious faggots blog on /a/ and /jp?

    fucking really moot?

  28. >He thinks moot posted it
    Oh wow, look at this guy

    Oh wait, he’s from /a/ and /jp/.

  29. This would be a lot more interesting if 80% about this zine wasn’t about the worst aspect of anime, the fandom. Wait, is that what fanzines were about? Cause if they were I am glad they are gone and cannot fathom why would any one bother with this shit.

    This is actually worse than AMVs or Cosplaying as it actually focuses more on the fandom aspect than the anime itself.

  30. Got mine today and read through all but the Riding Bean story (Save that for tomorrow). Good job. Hope you plan to release another issue sometime soon.

  31. Even if you don’t personally want to read about anime fandom back in the days of Beat Street and Krush Groove (it’s chillin’) , that’s only a third of the zine, not 80%. Two of the five articles are on fandom. The other three, which take up most of the issue, are a profile of Carl Macek, a reminiscence of the Bubblegum Crash PC Engine game, and a novella adaptation of the Riding Bean OAV.

    The irony of complaining about anime fandom, of course, is that’s anime fandom’s favorite activity, whether in a 1981 zine or a 2011 blog post. People who aren’t into anime generally also don’t care much about anime fans one way or the other. They don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them. It’s the anime fans who are always talking about how stupid anime fans are.

  32. Lol a bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world, but the world left them long ago.

    Also printed fanzines lol, what is this 1998?


  34. I would certainly buy this, including paying for the required international shipping & handling fees, if it weren’t for you juvenile bullying effort known as Shit Otaku Say.

    No amount of well written commentary, reviews or generally amusing information in that fanzine could make up for the literal pile of shit you guys continue to run up there in a corner.

    Yes, some or even most of those people may have bad or terrible opinions, but why do you single them out? What’s more, others simply dare to share a different point of view and have actually spent a decent amount of time explaining their reasoning without insulting or bothering anyone.

    Quoting their phrases or statements out of context for the sake of public ridicule is something I’d expect out of a 17 year old fratboy, at best.

  35. this looks like bullshit.
    never advertise bullshit on 4chan.
    fuck you and have a nice day

  36. I’ve just ordered issue #1 of your Colony Drop fanzine and can’t wait to get my hands on it. 🙂
    But as HP MagClouds’s shipping costs to Germany are pretty expensive (I’ve paid more than $20 for 1 issue including shipping), I kindly request you to think of considering another print-on-demand service for any of your upcoming issues. Some printing service with an additional printing facility outside the United States would be quite nice.

  37. Dear Anonymous,
    That’s not an advertisement,
    that’s an endorsement by 4chan/moot.
    Fuck *you* and have a nice day.

  38. How can moot be such a pathetic normalfag to advertise this kind of gaia-level stupidity?
    I hope it’s a troll.

  39. Fixed: No PDF, no easy-to-generate high quality pirated copies.


  40. 10 pages of fanfiction is painful, but I might get it anyway.

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