Colony Drop @ Pacific Media Expo


  1. *sigh*

    One wishes that Gainax would make Otaku no Video 1995 or some such. Only if they did they would probably fuck it up.

    Still, watching Tanaka and Kuno et al grinding out their versions of Nadia and Evangelion (and so on) has the potential to be epic.

    Oh, the panel? Could also be epic. You guys should DV it and put it on a DVD as an extra for Colony Drop issue 2.

    Buy now and throw it in! Service! Service!

  2. I understand these panels are con exclusive/live experiences, but like Mr. Harrison, I would like to watch a video slideshow of this panel…somewhere…somehow…someone…
    I once synced images and video to an “Unusual Manga” panel by the Ninja Consulatants.
    I just need an audio recording from your panel and the images/videos. That would be so awesome!

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