Colony Drop Continues to Sell Out in 2010

Following hot on the heels of Colony Drop’s “Good Cop” Dave and his gig over at Anime News Network, more of the Colony Drop writers you love to hate are popping up on anime websites you may have heard of!

Last month, Mark and Sean attended FanimeCon 2010 in lovely downtown San Jose (don’t forget San Jose’s motto: “San Jose: At least it isn’t Oakland!”) and wrote about their experiences for Otaku USA Magazine’s website.

Sean’s article gives his impressions of the convention and discusses the trend of moving away from actual anime content at anime conventions. Read his article here. Stick around for the comments, where a complete psychopath chimes in to tell Sean just how wrong he is!

Mark’s article focuses on the panel with Guest of Honor Hiroyuki Yamaga. Readers of Colony Drop might know him as the guy who directed Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise. To attendees of FanimeCon, he was most famous for being a guy who worked at Gainax while Evangelion was in production. Check that article out here. It should be noted that Mark refrained from asking Yamaga how he feels about the Star Wars prequels; for that kind of hard-hitting journalism, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Now is also as good a time as any to remind everyone that Colony Drop is completely willing to sell out for cold hard cash or help you pimp your product. Contact for further information on how you can employ us or send us your products for reviews!


  1. Great article! It was a pretty accurate summation of the event, warts and all.

    I also smacked the kid who’s pretending he’s been to a con before–sometimes stupidity needs to be checked.

  2. “I think V is a psychotic…I mean that in the strictest definition of the word. Its not a matter of if V is insane…we *know* he’s insane…the real problem is…does that stop him from happening to be right?” — V for Vendetta graphic novel

  3. Protip, V–quoting Gundam and Alan Moore novels while trying to pretend you’re the protagonist of said fictional works never wins you arguments.

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